How To Choose the Right Dog

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes as wells as energy levels, temperaments, etc, just like humans. Not every dog is a good fit for every family. It’s so important to consider your own needs and what type of dog might best fit into your lifestyle before you even start looking at dogs to adopt. You might come across the most adorable puppy you’ve ever seen and fall instantly in love, but if you have a set of requirements in mind ahead of time, it can be a lot easier to think logically before making an impulsive decision.

Things to consider when adopting a dog

  • How much space you have inside and out for your dog to move around, run and exercise.
  • How much time you have to spend home with your dog or who will care for the dog while you’re at work.
  • How much you are able to realistically afford on dog food (big dogs eat more).
  • How much energy you have to stimulate a very active dog or if a mellower dog more your speed?
  • Type of fur you prefer. For example, I like short hair dogs, they require less grooming and don’t attract the burrs that are abundant in the area I live. However, you may prefer a fluffy soft coat you can adorn with bows.

Know your preferences and be realistic about your needs. This is a life, very much like taking a child into your heart and home. A dog is a living being with feelings, not something that should ever be returned. Fr help deciding what breeds have the personality and traits you’re looking for, check out this infographic from James Wellbeloved pet food brand: