7 Springtime Dangers for Cats

1:Ticks and fleas. The weather gets warmer and not only your cats want to enjoy it. Ticks and fleas become very active after the winters, so your pet may easily become their victim. To prevent is, you should consult with your vet about special sprays which you may use for your cat.

2:Allergies (itchy skin, running eyes, respiratory problems). As well as people, cats may also suffer from this unpleasant condition. They may behave in a strange way, be aggressive, bite themselves, etc. The same as in the previous point, it’s better to ask your vet for special medicals to help your friend.

3:Wasp. This insect can be a problem not only for you, but for your pet as well. If your cat eats a wasp, it may bite it from inside and cause allergic reaction and swelling, so your pet might suffocate.

4:Slugs. Slugs may be poisonous to cats, so owners should be very attentive to them. The very slugs don’t pose danger to pets, however, their mucus may cause several problems, such as seizures, tremor, high heat rate, etc. So it is better to keep an eye on it while having walks.

5:Chemicals. To get rid of different unpleasant creatures such as worms, insects and so on, people tend to use different chemicals, for instance, fertilizers. However, this poison may be dangerous for pets as well. So you have to control your pet not to contact with a potential source of danger.

6:Easter eggs. Easter is a marvelous time when you enjoy a lot of tasty food. Chocolate eggs became the symbol of the holiday and some pet owners want to share food with the cats. Chocolate is toxic to pets since their digesting system cannot cope with it, so it becomes a poison in their bodies.

7:Flowers and plants. In spring together with all the plants, some dangerous types come out, for example, lilies, tulips, daffodils. Easter lilies may cause really severe cats’ poisoning. If you notice that your cat suffers diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, you should bring it and the flower (if it’s possible) to your vet immediately.