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5 Tips to Help with Dog Separation Anxiety

1. Make sure it’s really separation anxiety! Before you can help, you need to make sure she actually is suffering from separation anxiety! If you come home from work to find that your dog has eaten the wall, your first thought is “oh, she missed me so much she tried to chew her way out!” Okay, so […]

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Dog Flu – Does Your Dog Need Protecting?

I have the perfect dog. You may think you do, but no, sorry to tell you this, I really do. I made a list once of all the things I wanted and didn’t want in a dog and amazingly, Max came into my life and fit my requirements perfectly! How did this happen? You can read all […]

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How To Choose the Right Dog

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes as wells as energy levels, temperaments, etc, just like humans. Not every dog is a good fit for every family. It’s so important to consider your own needs and what type of dog might best fit into your lifestyle before you even start looking at dogs to adopt. You […]

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