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5 Tips to Help with Dog Separation Anxiety

1. Make sure it’s really separation anxiety! Before you can help, you need to make sure she actually is suffering from separation anxiety! If you come home from work to find that your dog has eaten the wall, your first thought is “oh, she missed me so much she tried to chew her way out!” Okay, so […]

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How to Stop Kittens from Biting

Tips to Stop Kittens From Biting 1. React calmly to your cat Never shout or hit your cat. Losing your temper with your cat will terrify her and she will become nervous and confused. Treat your furry feline nicely. Never punish your cat. This causes suffering without discovering the actual reason. She always expects a […]

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Heartworm Symptoms in Cats – What You Need to Know

Where do Heartworms Come From? The Mosquito Yes, that’s where it all begins, with the mosquito. Baby heartworms are transmitted through a mosquito bite into the bloodstream of a dog or a cat. A mosquito first bites an infected animal, from coyotes, ferrets, wolves and other creatures may already have infected blood which the mosquito drinks. When […]

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